Goddess's Choice

Release Date: June 8 2018



Goddess's Choice goes back in time to how it all began. It tells Annani’s story and introduces several new characters who are about to play important roles in the upcoming Children of the Gods books, starting with book 20—

Dark Survivor Awakened

Part 1 of Goddess’s Choice is included as a bonus story in the
Dark Stranger Trilogy

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When gods and immortals still ruled the ancient world, 
one young goddess risked everything for love. 

Promised to the power-hungry god Mortdh, the young Annani is determined to find a way out of the prearranged political union that would one day put Mortdh on the throne. 

Even though Khiann is the son of a merchant and not a member of the leading circle, the handsome young god is a much more appealing choice. Now all she has to do is convince him that she is worth chancing an all-out civil war over succession and possibly his very life.

First kiss.

If done right, it left an impression to last a lifetime, or in Annani’s case, millennia. Five thousand years, give or take a few hundred.

Age was meaningless to a goddess.

But even after all these years, and all that Annani had witnessed, the fire that first kiss had ignited at the tender age of seventeen still burned hot in her heart. 

After all, it was the most important kiss of all times, affecting the destiny of gods, immortals, and humans, and altering the course of history.