Dark Operative:

A Shadow of Death

Release Date: February 15, 2018


Dark Operative:

A Glimmer of Hope

Release Date: April 06, 2018


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Dark Operative: A Shadow of Death

As a brilliant strategist and the only human entrusted with the secret of the immortals' existence, Turner is both an asset and a liability to the clan. His request to attempt transition into immortality as an alternative to cancer treatments cannot be denied without risking the clan's exposure. On the other hand, approving it means risking his premature death. In both scenarios, the clan will lose a valuable ally.
When the decision is left to the clan's physician, Turner makes plans to manipulate her by taking advantage of her interest in him.
Will Bridget fall for the cold, calculating operative? Or will Turner fall into his own trap?

Dark Operative: A Glimmer of Hope

As Turner and Bridget’s relationship deepens, living together seems like the right move, but to make it work both need to make concessions.
Bridget is realistic and keeps her expectations low. Turner could never be the truelove mate she yearns for, but he is as good as she’s going to get. Other than his emotional limitations, he’s perfect in every way.
Turner’s hard shell is starting to show cracks. He wants immortality, he wants to be part of the clan, and he wants Bridget, but he doesn’t want to cause her pain.
His options are either abandon his quest for immortality and give Bridget his few remaining decades, or abandon Bridget by going for the transition and most likely dying. His rational mind dictates that he chooses the former, but his gut pulls him toward the latter. Which one is he going to trust?